Random Beautiful

Josh Hailey

At the Josh Hailey Studio, we believe deeply in creativity, community, and making beautiful work from the ground up. Our studio offers 360° visual art services for businesses and individuals alike. From custom photography and art, to products and consulting, our multimedia creations bring a bold creative energy to any project. All in all, we believe artistic creations make the world we share a richer, more inviting place to live and work in. We invite you to peruse our website and extensive archives of art, photography, and stock that we know will make your world more inspirational.

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Brittany Schall

Originally from Denver, Colorado, Brittany Schall has been working as a professional full time artist since 2008. She has done commission works for major companies such as Campbell’s Soup, the ASCPA, DDB and Penguin Books. Schall’s own work, which consists of photorealistic drawings and paintings, has been showcased in several publications such as Ignant, Infringe, Beautiful Decay, and Juxtapose. Her works were shown with David LaChapelle and Yayoi Kusama in Flaunt Magazine’s “Care Issue”. Since relocating to New Orleans, she has since created her own creative fashion collection called “La Adorna“. This immersive series includes one of a kind pieces, creative makeup, digital collages, and various interactive events.

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